For your convenience, The Hetrick Center’s multiple, state-of–the-art, healthcare clinics are strategically located on the East and West shore serving the Tri-County Area. At our clinics, you may receive chiropractic, physical therapy and therapeutic massage services. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of our unique aquatic therapy in our own HydroWorx® therapy pools that I invented to speed our patient's recovery.

Who would be best to treat your health needs?

We founded The Hetrick Centers based on the principal of offering a variety of key health care services all “under one roof”. We are proud of our carefully selected, specialized healthcare professionals who are eminently qualified to evaluate and treat our patients’ many different health care issues. All of our providers utilize evidence-based treatment protocols. We offer the patients the opportunity to address major areas of concern, such as low back pain, neck pain etc., but also to address the many potential co-factors such as loss of strength, deconditioning and obesity. We offer all the necessary components to guide the patients along the path to optimal health.

What happens during your initial evaluation?

  • We spend the necessary time to listen to you and get to know you as a complete person.
  • Your healthcare provider may decide that only their level of specialty is necessary to address your needs, or they may suggest that a multiple specialty approach would be a better alternative to treat your condition most effectively.
  • Our Multidisciplinary Solution option, often times offer you the best treatment possible because a team of specialized providers jointly develops your treatment plan .
  • Each provider communicates with one another, and with you, ensuring your understanding and agreement with the treatment plan and the effective coordination of your healthcare

All "under one roof” for your convenience and improved health!

Please continue to explore our web site and learn more about our healthcare providers, facility and the myriad of programs and services we offer at The Hetrick Centers.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity and privilege to treat you!

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