Cost Effectiveness

Treatment for back and neck problems accounted for approximately $86 billion in healthcare expenditure in the United States in 2005.  The inflation adjusted financial cost of spine problems in the US increased 82% from 1997 to 2006.  It would be expected that with such a dramatic increase in expenditures for spine related complaints that the health status of patients would improve proportionally.  Unfortunately, during the period of 1997 - 2005 it was actually found that self reported functional limitations, mental health, work limitations and social limitations were worse among people with back related complaints.

It is important now more then ever with increasing insurance premiums, decreases in wages and increases in unemployment to consider the efficacy, cost effectiveness and satisfaction with treatments for back pain.

 Cost of care for lower back pain when initiated with a M.D. vs. D.C.

Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics (2010)

  • Paid costs of care were reported as almost 40% less when care is initiated with a D.C. vs. M.D. per episode of back pain
  • They reported payor estimated savings would be approximately 2.3 million dollars per year if care was initiated with a chiropractor vs. a medical physician for low back pain.

Effect of a Chiropractic Benefit on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures

Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics (2005)

  • For the treatment of low back and neck pain, the inclusion of a chiropractic benefit resulted in a 32% reduction of surgery, 37% reduction in advanced imaging and a 40% reduction of in-patient care.

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